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Last update: January 17th, 2012

SimonBR - voice command controller

    SimonBR is a Brazilian Portuguese version of widely used Simon software. Simon is an open source program idealized by simon listens group which helps handicapped people to enjoy the computer functionality by voice commands. The SimonBR package provides basic acoustic model, phonetic dictionary, translated interfaces and specific scenarios for the Brazilian Portuguese.

    Just below are the installation and configuration files and also some tutorials teaching you how to install SimonBR on Ubuntu and also on Windows, as well as tutorial to set up the program and another one teaching you the basics of how to create your own scenario. So you can even add functionality to SimonBR to suit your needs.

    Scenarios are tools designed to add functionality to Simon. They are similar to what we call Addons for Mozilla Firefox. The scenarios have commands received through pre-defined phrases and perform their function. Scenarios voice commands were created in order to be called intuitively, or save the words to make the use more comfortable.

    Just below, in command list are all possible operations created by our scenarios. For example, if you have two tabs opened in your browser, and want to move to the next or the previous one, then the command is: next tab and previous tab (we did not use change tab because it would only work for the next tab and change to the next tab is too long). Voice commands are very similar to the programs themselves describe their shortcuts.

  • Demonstration:

  • Demonstrative video running on Ubuntu here.

    Demonstrative video running on Windows here.

  • SimonBR on media:

  • Brazilian Program sementes from TV cultura here.*

  • Installation on Ubuntu:

  • Simon: Download.

    Traduction: simon.

    Scenarios: CenUbuntu.

  • Installation on Windows:

  • Simon: Download.

    Traduction: pt_BR.

    Scenarios: CenWin.

  • Additional files:

  • Acoustic model: LapsAM-1.5-16k-SimonBR.

    Shadow dictionary: dictionary.

    Addon for Firefox: Mouseless.

  • Tutorials e handbooks:

  • Installation tutorial for Ubuntu: Tut.Inst.Ubuntu.

    Installation tutorial for Windows: Tut.Inst.Win.

    Configuration tutorial: Tut.Config.

    "Do scenarios by yourself" tutorial: Tut.Criar.Cen.

    Commands handbook: ManualComandos.

  • FAQ's:

  • FAQ Ubuntu: clik Faq.Ubuntu.

    FAQ Windows: clik Faq.Windows.

  • Doubts, problems and sugestions:

  • If you find some error, first read the FAQ. Your problem can be quickly solved.

    Contact: hugo.santos@itec.ufpa.br

    * Update

  • Discussion group Here we discuss about instalation questions and future projects. Sign in.

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